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The older I get the faster time flies

Book five is still underway. There has been a lot of distraction since I started it, but now I think I am back on track. It is hard to predict the release date because I can't predict how fast the ideas will flow. I am back to writing every day with a target of 1000 words per day. At this rate, I hope to publish it February or March of 2019.

Can you take that to the bank? I would like to say yes, but,..

In 2016 I had spinal surgery and that consumed me for quite a while. Mobility was very limited, even sitting time was limited so writing became a chore. It was difficult to concentrate.

By the fall I was more mobile but still time was limited. I turned to a new hobby. I bought a 3D printer and began studying 3D modelling with my son Kai. Together we worked the printer until we understood it well enough to invest in a commercial model. More learning curves.

Now I can sit up longer and walk farther so I have once more picked up my pen, (metaphor here).

This book is posing a new challenge for me and I love it. I hope you will too.

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