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  • Barry Connors

Life Is A Journey You Can't Predict

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

We all think we are somewhat in control of our own life. We make plans. We choose directions. We set goals. Then, Mother Nature takes over. She doesn't change our plans, she lets us do that. She just changes how we feel about the plans we have already made. Or she ensures we have no plan.

Since this blog is about my book five, let me put my thoughts in perspective. I had planned it well. I had timed it well. I had a good handle on when I would be finished and when I could publish it. My wife and son would look at me and say, as I stared off into space, "You're thinking about your book, aren't you."

It would jolt me back to reality and I would smile my answer.

Then Mother Nature stepped in. Back surgery, abdominal surgery, complications, more surgery, the big C word attacks, and the mind changes. The plans are something for the future. Nature reminded me that the future is hers. I only get the present.

The present didn't have a book five. It only had a son and a wife and a blue sky and fresh air. Mother nature helped me to see them all clearly and when she was sure I knew and embraced the "NOW," she allowed me to look beyond. And so, now I am finished book five. I finished it in the now.

You have to wonder, does Nature lend us happiness, or is it ours to keep?

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